Add-in Express .Net is crashing my OUTLOOK

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Add-in Express .Net is crashing my OUTLOOK
GS Kern

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Joined: 2008-02-22
My Citrix Users are reporting that OUTLOOK (2003) is crashing
on several times a day... We have .Net 2.x installed, and
NO other COM add-ins...

Microsoft Support has done extensive testing and their findings
point to Add-In Express .NET -- a COM object -- as the culprit...

How do I GET RID OF this "Add-In Express .NET" thing on my servers???

Posted 22 Feb, 2008 15:23:02 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Did you install any COM add-in(s) based on Add-in Express? If so, please uninstall them via the Add/Remove Programs dialog and report about it to the developer.
Posted 25 Feb, 2008 11:33:49 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello GC,

I'm interested in pinning down the cause of the issue. Currently, I see some discrepancy: you tell that you "don't have other add-ins" and "MS's findings point to Add-in Express".

In fact, Add-in Express is a tool for creating add-ins. If, for any reason, some add-in behaves incorrectly, there are two possible reasons: either Add-in Express contains some bug that we are not aware of or, most likely, the add-in developer hasn't tested the add-in to a proper degree.

Nevertheless, I would like to have a more clear picture of the issue: what happens, an error message (if any), what MS reports, etc. The more info, the better.

Posted 25 Feb, 2008 11:46:04 Top