InspectorCommandBar not visible

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InspectorCommandBar not visible
The InspectorCommandBar is not appearing for a Contact item 
mark aucoin

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We have just purchased Add-In Express to test Outlook integration. I have been able to add CommandBars and ExplorerBars, no problem.

However, I have added an InspectorBar for a Contact ItemType. The bar doesn't always appear, and when it does, the command buttons aren't visible.

Any suggestions?

Posted 08 Mar, 2005 11:11:20 Top
Eugene Starostin


Hello Mark,

I have just tested it on my PC. Works fine. I have VS2003, Outlook 2002 and Add-in Express .NET 2.2 (preview).

Could you please send me your project and give me your environment infromation.
Posted 08 Mar, 2005 12:18:30 Top
Eugene Starostin



Please use my personal e-mail address, eestar at afalinasoft dot com

We have official holydays :-)
Posted 08 Mar, 2005 12:34:27 Top