Getting the Toys Outlook Demo to work

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Getting the Toys Outlook Demo to work
Kashif Q.


I'm trying to install the ADX Toys demo, but have no success. I can install the .MSI file, and everything seems to go well. However when I open Outlook I dont see the add-in, nor can I find it in the COM add-ins dialog. Just seems to fail silently. Any ideas?
Running: WinXP SP2, Outlook 2003, .NET V1.1
Posted 07 Mar, 2005 18:35:59 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Kashif.

You need to build the ADX Toys project in Visual Studio after the installation of the msi file has been completed. Add-in Express .NET must be installed on your PC.
Posted 08 Mar, 2005 13:15:30 Top