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OL2003 (CommandBar) and OL2007 (RibbonBar) in one AddIn? 
Andy Grothe

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Joined: 2007-09-28

i never can find a solution for develop a add-in for ol2000 - ol2003 with commandbar and the same addin also works with ol2007 using ribbonbar.

is this possible with add-in express?

is there any example?

thank you
best regard from germany

byby andy
Posted 28 Sep, 2007 16:32:50 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Andy.

Yes, it is possible to do using the Add-in Express tool.
You can develop mixed UI in one addinmodule and intall the add-in on PCs with Office 2000 - 2007.
Posted 01 Oct, 2007 08:42:32 Top