Custom ItemType for FolderPropertyPage / Folder-specific context-menu

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Custom ItemType for FolderPropertyPage / Folder-specific context-menu
Thomas Reinberger



I saw that with your product it is possible to determine for which folder-type a given FolderPropertyPage should be displayed.

But the specified foldertypes are only standard-outlook folders, e.g. "IPF.Task" would be the mapi-property value for the folder class of a outlook task folder - and your product maps these types to outlook constants such as olTaskItem as specified in your class reference.

Since in my application the folders aren't standard outlook folders, I'd like to display a FolderPropertyPage AND a customized Folder context menu whenever one of these customized folders is selected; the folder class property value then should be something like "IPF.Task.whatsoever".

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Thomas Reinberger
Posted 16 Feb, 2005 17:07:15 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Thomas.

Yes, it is possible to determine a given Outlook property page for any Outlook folder. You can also use your customized task form in your folder and bind this folder to a given Outlook property page. It is enough to set the FolderName property in the ADXOlFolderPage component.
You can also customize the folder context menu via the CommandBarsUpdate event handler in the ADXOutlookAppEvents component.
Posted 17 Feb, 2005 10:51:41 Top