Using 2007 PIA for PropertyAccessor

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Using 2007 PIA for PropertyAccessor
Jason Ihaia

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I have the task of dymanically getting properties from an Outlook item via reflection. I see that in the PIAs for 2007, there is an object called PropertyAccessor which enables you to get/set a property against an item programmitcally. I notice this is not available in the ADX Interop.Outlook.dll.

Has anyone had experience using this?? I can reference it, and get an instance of it, not able to use it though.


PropertyAccessor pa = myContactItem.PropertyAccessor;
object value = pa.GetProperty("FirstName");

-- it fails on the pa.GetProperty call - there is however a reference for pa.

Posted 02 Jul, 2007 18:26:04 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jason.

You just need to use PIAs for Outlook 2007 (not version-neutral PIAs).

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Posted 03 Jul, 2007 16:21:22 Top