Common instance of referenced library

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Common instance of referenced library
Creating an office addin for document management 
Bruce Dyason


using VS2005 C#, ADX 2007.3.4.

Scenario: create an Office add-in for word, excel and outlook that refers to a common instance of another dll: lets call this dll the "Processing Engine". The addins purpose is to create a copy of nominated doc, mail, xls, etc. as part of a document management system.

So user runs word, then closes the doc OR clicks on "Send to Processing Engine". the addin needs to check if the Processing Engine is running, if not initialize it, then pass the selected item to the processing engine for 'processing'.

Qu. 1: what is your recommended way to have the same instance of the processing engine dll common to all office addin components?

Qu. 2: On close event OR "Send to Processing Engine", I am using a SaveAs to store the file in a temp dir, then using remoting to pass the file location to the processing engine. Is this the best way?

Qu. 3: xl/ppt has a SaveAsFile method. Is there any way to do this in word? I cannot use System.IO.File.Copy as it raises exceptions as the file is still being refered to.

many thanks.
Posted 07 May, 2007 07:28:13 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Bruce.

1 and 2. I would advise you to develop an .exe application and pass parameters via the command line.
3. In Word you can use the SaveAs method of the Word._Document interface.

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Posted 07 May, 2007 12:30:15 Top