Identifying Root Folder

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Identifying Root Folder
Rup Go

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I'm trying to detect if the user had clicked the root folder

Outlook._Explorer explorer1 = OutlookHost().ActiveExplorer();
Outlook.MAPIFolder folder = explorer1.CurrentFolder;
Outlook.MAPIFolder parent = folder.Parent as Outlook.MAPIFolder;

i tried

if(parent == null)"this is root folder");

doesn't show the message, it means its not null. Anyone know a better way to know if it is a root folder or not?

thanks a lot

Posted 20 Apr, 2007 03:39:36 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Rup.

If the parent is not 'null', that means you get another folder and you just need to cast the parent to the MAPIFolder interface and check the parent again until you get the 'null' value.

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Posted 20 Apr, 2007 09:33:29 Top