Problem with duplicate folder paths in Outlook Add-in

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Problem with duplicate folder paths in Outlook Add-in
ADXBeforeFolderSwitchEx event is not called 
Dave Gardner



I've found that if you have two personal folders with the same name in Outlook, and you switch from one folder to another with the same name (i.e. select the root folder on the first one, and then on the second one), the ADXBeforeFolderSwitchEx event is not called.

Not sure whether this makes a difference or not, but my add-in is using a WebViewPane which is dynamically displayed for different folders at runtime using the AdxOlFormsCollectionItem.FolderName property. The environment is ADX v3.3, Win XP, and Office 2003.

Posted 12 Apr, 2007 05:10:31 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Hi Dave,

I have reproduced this issue. The point is: both folders have the same EntryID. And Outlook does not raise ExplorerBeforeFolderSwitch/ExplorerFolderSwitch event when WebViewUrl is set.
To assign another EntryID, you need to change the Name in the "Create Microsoft Personal Folders" dialog (when creating an Outlook Data File).
I see the only way: to use different names.

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Posted 12 Apr, 2007 09:31:16 Top