Requirements about Outlook 2007.

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Requirements about Outlook 2007.
tarz me

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Requirements about Outlook 2007.

I created an Add-in project for Outlook 2003 using Visual Studio 2003 .Net framework 1.1 (Works fine)

My question is :

1. When I try running the same Add-in project on Outlook 2007. Nothing works. Does n't work.. Does it mean that Outlook 2003's functionality will not work in Oulook 2007. Or should I configure it somehow to make it work?

2. Is there away to create the Add-in project in Visual Studio 1.1 for Outlook 2007 or does the project need to be created in Visual Studio 2005.

If you could also provide MSDN or other documents.. That would be awesome..

Thank you so much for your help,
Posted 30 Mar, 2007 11:03:16 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Tarz.

1. You just need to set the UseForRibbon property of your command bar(s) to true.
2. You can use both versions of Visual Studio .NET.

Please read the following articles:

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Posted 31 Mar, 2007 05:43:41 Top