Outlook (2003) not calling OnBeginShutdown

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Outlook (2003) not calling OnBeginShutdown

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I have an installation that doesnt call the OnBeginShutdown method in my addin. I have set a MessageBox right at the start and it never appears and Outlook never shuts down, it simply removes the visible windows and hangs.

It works fine on other installations.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be.
Posted 30 Mar, 2007 04:46:48 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi FTGMan.

It is difficult to answer your question because I don't see the code.
Does this happen in an empty add-in? If not, please review the add-in code.

P.S. Note that we take up your forum requests in the order we receive them. Besides, it may take us some time to investigate your issue. Please be sure we will let you know as soon as the best possible solution is found.
Posted 30 Mar, 2007 08:51:42 Top