I dont see exe or msi when I compile the project

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I dont see exe or msi when I compile the project
tarz me

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I created 2 Add-in using C# for outlook. One of them has Setup.exe/Setup.Ini/projectname.msi files in debug folder.
and my second project does have it.. I uninstalled my first project and re-compiled my second project and I still don't see the files in the debug folder..

I cant figure what I missed in my second project.. Could someone please tell me what I should do to get those setup files.

Thank you,
Posted 29 Mar, 2007 10:20:33 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Tarz.

Please try to 'Rebuild' the setup project.

P.S. Note that we take up your forum requests in the order we receive them. Besides, it may take us some time to investigate your issue. Please be sure we will let you know as soon as the best possible solution is found.
Posted 29 Mar, 2007 11:27:16 Top