How to test for ADXRibbonCheckBox is checked?

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How to test for ADXRibbonCheckBox is checked?
Ole Andreas Ringdal


VB add-in for Word 2007. I have designed a custom ribbon tab with several checkboxes (of type ADXRibbonCheckBox), where I need to have them behave similar to radio buttons. Since I cannot find any ribbon radio button controls, I guess I'll have to use check boxes and code tests for them being checked or not.

Desired: When I check one of the text boxes, I need one of the others to be unchecked if it is already checked.

I cannot find any Checked or Value property of ADXRibbonCheckBox, and I'm at a loss for what to test for here. I have tried "If MyCheckBox1.Pressed = True Then <something>", but that obviously does not work.

How to test for this?

Using Add-in Express 2007 for .NET, Professional v3.04.1868, Office 2007 Enterprise, Windows XP SP2, Visual Studio 2005 Professional.

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Ole Andreas Ringdal
Posted 28 Mar, 2007 16:13:20 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Ole Andreas.

You can use the 'pressed' parameter of the OnClick event handler to store the state of check boxes to local variables of the addinmodule.

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Posted 29 Mar, 2007 09:46:21 Top