OSM Upgrade questions

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OSM Upgrade questions
Franz Scharf

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#1: I bought OSM Developer on 28.7.2006. There are free upgrades and upgrade prices for standard and professional versions. Developer version is not mentioned. Do I have to buy a new licence or can I update for free?

#2: My customers have a DLL installed with reference to OSM 2005. The setup program installed and registered OSM 2005. When I updated this DLL at the customers PC's, I just compiled a new DLL and replaced this DLL at my customers PC's.
#2a: When I upgrade to OSM 2007: Do I have to uninstall 2005 first (both at my customers PC's and at my developer PC?
#2b: Can I run OSM 2005 and OSM 2007 on one PC?
#2c: If I want to update the DLL at my customers PC's do I need to make a new setup that registers the new OSM2007 DLL instead of just replacing the DLL if I change the reference in my project to OSM2007?
#3: Can I use a reference to OSM2005 and OSM2007 at the same time in my DLL?

Additional info: Using VS 2005, VB, .NET 2.0

Thank you, Franz Scharf
Posted 17 Mar, 2007 18:17:29 Top
Andrei Smolin

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#1. We provide a 50% discount for registered users. Please, see the Upgrade link on the http://www.add-in-express.com/outlook-security/pricing.php.

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 19 Mar, 2007 08:40:01 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Franz.

2. The developer's PC: you should uninstall the previous version of the product and install the latest one.
The customer's PC: you should uninstall the previous version of your software and install the latest one.
You can't use both versions of the OSM component at the same time.
If you want to update your software, you need to rebuild the project with the latest version of the OSM component. Then you can install the software on the customer's PC. Please don't forget to register the secman.dll.
3. No.
Posted 19 Mar, 2007 08:41:27 Top
Franz Scharf

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Thanks a lot for your perfect support.

Franz :)
Posted 19 Mar, 2007 09:45:27 Top