How to access the Command bar objects from ADXolform

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How to access the Command bar objects from ADXolform
Tom Aby

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I am using Add-in Express 2007 for .Net in VS2005.

I have one ADXOLExplorerCommandBar cbar in the Add-in module which has 5 ADXCommandBarPopup items in its control collection and for each control i am having sub control for some of the CommandbarPopus.

I want to make the commandbar items enabel and disable for the ADXOlForm.

I am using this code to get the current loaded addin module

TT.AddinModule loadedModule = TT.AddinModule.CurrentInstance as TT.AddinModule;

and i am able to access the first hierarchy of control using


I want to know how to access each items in the command bar with the hierarchy levels i want.
Or is thr any best methods which i am not getting ....

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