Outlook my.user.isinrole fails

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Outlook my.user.isinrole fails
Trying to capture a user role in outlook 
martin ratcliffe

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I am trying to capture a user role in the outlook addin so as i can specify which email disclaimer is added to the email.

msgbox(my.user.isinrole("IT").tostring) - return false

the same line in a windows form return true!

I need to check if a user is in a role because we have a couple of seperate companies on one exchange install, need to have different discliamers for legal reasons
Posted 14 Mar, 2007 07:24:13 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Martin.

Please look at the code below:

Private Sub AdxCommandBarButton1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object) Handles AdxCommandBarButton1.Click

' Retrieve a GenericPrincipal that is based on the current user's
' WindowsIdentity.
Dim genericPrincipal As GenericPrincipal = GetGenericPrincipal()

' Retrieve the generic identity of the GenericPrincipal object.
Dim principalIdentity As GenericIdentity = _
CType(genericPrincipal.Identity, GenericIdentity)

' Display identity name and authentication type.
If (principalIdentity.IsAuthenticated) Then
End If

' Verify that the generic principal has been assigned the
' NetworkUser role.
If (genericPrincipal.IsInRole("NetworkUser")) Then
MsgBox("User belongs to the NetworkUser role.")
End If
End Sub

' Create generic principal based on values from the current
' WindowsIdentity.
Private Function GetGenericPrincipal() As GenericPrincipal
' Use values from the current WindowsIdentity to construct
' a set of GenericPrincipal roles.
Dim roles(10) As String
Dim windowsIdentity As WindowsIdentity = windowsIdentity.GetCurrent()

If (windowsIdentity.IsAuthenticated) Then
' Add custom NetworkUser role.
roles(0) = "NetworkUser"
End If

If (windowsIdentity.IsGuest) Then
' Add custom GuestUser role.
roles(1) = "GuestUser"
End If

If (windowsIdentity.IsSystem) Then
' Add custom SystemUser role.
roles(2) = "SystemUser"
End If

' Construct a GenericIdentity object based on the current Windows
' identity name and authentication type.
Dim authenticationType As String = windowsIdentity.AuthenticationType
Dim userName As String = windowsIdentity.Name
Dim genericIdentity = _
New GenericIdentity(userName, authenticationType)

' Construct a GenericPrincipal object based on the generic identity
' and custom roles for the user.
Dim genericPrincipal As New GenericPrincipal(genericIdentity, roles)

Return genericPrincipal
End Function

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Posted 14 Mar, 2007 17:49:38 Top
martin ratcliffe

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Joined: 2006-08-17
Thanks that works great !
Posted 15 Mar, 2007 04:27:28 Top