Drag and drop onto ADXCommandBarButton instances

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Drag and drop onto ADXCommandBarButton instances
Can I drop stuff onto my tool bar in Outlook? 
Gene Golovchinsky

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To streamline the use of add-in, I thought it might be useful to allow users to drop items (e.g., files) onto a button (ADXCommandBarButton) on my Outlook addin toolbar. (The alternative is to click the button first, open a modal dialog, drop the file there, then close the dialog: a rather clunky solution.)

Unfortunately, ADXCommandBarButton does not inherit from System.Windows.Forms.Control, and thus I do not see an AllDrop property & associated events. Is there a workaround for adding this behavior?

Thanks in advance,

Posted 22 Feb, 2007 14:04:21 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Gene.

The fact is that Office command bars don't support the drag and drop technique. But I think the second solution can be implemented. You just need to add some buttons dynamically after the dialog closes.

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Posted 23 Feb, 2007 10:30:40 Top