What's OlItemTypeAction for?

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What's OlItemTypeAction for?
David Ing

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In an adxCommandBarAdvancedControl the property OlItemTypeAction has the following enum values:

adxOlActionNone = 0, (default)
adxOlActionShow = 1,
adxOlActionEnable = 2

What's this property used for? It looks like something to tweak the enable/show the control at run-time, although I'd like to be sure before using it.

PS Where's the best place/doc to look this kind of stuff up, there's a couple of these properties and a quick search through the docs didn't turn anything up?

Posted 22 Feb, 2007 12:05:19 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi David.

This property works together with the OlExplorerItemTypes and OlInspectorItemTypes properties. It allows you to control the behaviour of your control when you switch between different types of Outlook explorers and inspectors:
adxOlActionShow - the control will be shown or hided depends on the current type of Outlook explorer or inspector.

adxOlActionEnable - the control will be enabled or disabled depends on the current type of Outlook explorer or inspector.

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Posted 22 Feb, 2007 16:39:13 Top