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Problems getting forms to work properly in inspectors 
Mike M.

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Joined: 2006-11-13
I have an Outlook Add-in where I show a form on inspector windows.

Scenario: I want to show a custom for in all inspectors windows where I show some data fetched from the current item of the inspector.

Each form instantiates an eventhandler object derived from ADXOutlookItemEvents object. This eventhandler object is connected to the current item of the inspector of the form, to be able to get notifications
when changes are made to the item.

I can get this to work for a single inspector, but if I open 2 inspectors on to different items, then the form in both inspectors windows changes when I change the item in one of the inspectors. It is as if the inspectors somehow shares the form. What can I do about this ?

I have noticed that there is a "Cached" property on the forms collection item s of the form manager. What it is used for?

Posted 13 Feb, 2007 07:33:22 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Hi Mike,

1) I don't understand the problem. Could you please create and send me (to the support email) some test project with the same behavior?

2) The Cached property makes sense for Explorer forms. All Inspector forms aren't cached, i.e. a new form instance is created for every new Inspector.
Posted 14 Feb, 2007 03:24:43 Top