VSTO "ThisApplication" module

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VSTO "ThisApplication" module
Rick Koch

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The ADXModule is instantiated in the startup event of the VSTO ThisApplication module. Is it legal/okay/possible to maintain a reference back to that original module?

Right now it works like this:

My ThisApplication has these lines...

internal static ContactEvents ContactEvents;
internal static EmailEvents EmailEvents;
internal static AppointmentEvents AppointmentEvents;

...and in ThisApplication_Startup it has:
ADXModule.Initialize(this, typeof(ADXModule));

Then, in ADXModule.cs code, it has calls like this:

This is all static, so there's no handle from the ADX code to my original ThisApplication instance. In fact, the ADXModule has its own ThisApplication item.

Just trying to understand how this thing works. Every now and then when I encounter weird behavior I start to question the magic. If I understood the ADX model better I probably wouldn't be so distrustful.
Posted 12 Feb, 2007 11:00:31 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Rick.

The fact is that the ThisApplication property of the ADXModule class is an instance of the ThisApplication class of VSTO. You just need to cast the reference to the ThisApplication class.

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Posted 13 Feb, 2007 10:21:44 Top