How to change Visible properties ADXOlForm from another forms

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How to change Visible properties ADXOlForm from another forms
Miro Mrazik

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Good day, is possible change visible property ADXOlForm from another forms in application, or another class in appliaction?
Send me please any VB sample .

Thank you
Posted 05 Feb, 2007 17:32:56 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Hi Miro

    Private Sub btnHidePurposeForm_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnHidePurposeForm.Click
        Dim OtherItem As AddinExpress.OL.ADXOlFormsCollectionItem
        OtherItem = CType(Me.AddinModule, MyAddin3.AddinModule).AdxOlFormsManager1.Items(1)
        Dim index As Integer
        For index = 0 To OtherItem.FormInstanceCount - 1
            If OtherItem.FormInstances(index).Visible Then
            End If
    End Sub

Note: In the design mode set the AdxOlFormsManager1 modifiers to the Public value.

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Posted 06 Feb, 2007 06:58:32 Top