Flashing, Flickering, CommitProc Exception and performance

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Flashing, Flickering, CommitProc Exception and performance
Ryszard Krakowiak

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There is some topics about flashing of command bar in Word.
But I want to gather and share my experience.
Command bar flicering occours when:
- option 'windows on task bar is active' and option 'handle shortcut' in ADX is set to true
- buttons state is updated in second word window
- option 'windows on task bar is active' and second word window is being activated

I've checked ADX 2.8 and 3. I did analysis of ADX code and maybe IsConnected method is the problem. I dont know I don't have full source code to do my investigation and I didn't try reverse your code (yet ;)
I found that problems occurs when we have more than one word window open.
Dissabling 'windows on task bar is active' helps, but this is not solution for our customers. We have to / we must solve this issue till end of next week.
Second problem is exception thrown during call 'commit proc' in SmartTag. Unfortunetly this issue is not repeatable on every system. I think, that this is problem with InterOp and Office upgrades (not clean install). I've created shim that detects word version and loads addin assembly compiled with interop for selected office version. We tested it on 2002 and 2003. Till now no problems :) with addin but we don't know if this solve SmartTag issue.
Third problem is word starting performance. On fast computer it takes 2-3 seconds (with sample Hello world addin). But not every of our customer has 3GHz with 1GB ram). Sometimes word initializations takes 16-30 seconds. This is not acceptable. Any ideas for this problem.

If we do not solve all this three problems till end of February we will be in trouble. Now we are in trouble too. Our customers don't use our product, becouse of word starting performance and command bar flickering, and exceptions during commit proc in smart tag :(:(:(
SmartTag is easy to solve - catch exception :D:D:D. Smart tags not works but word operates correclty. But others ... for now only choice - create own addin without reference to ADX, but this is not what you want :)

Best Regards
Ryszard Krakowiak
Posted 01 Feb, 2007 09:31:52 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Ryszard.

1. Word:
Yes, I can confirm that the issue occurs in Word. But it only happens if Word windows are not maximized. I also noticed that sometimes built-in command bars flickers as well. As to the HandleShortcuts property, I don't think that the property can cause the flicker. I tested shortcuts in Word and I didn't notice any differences (Word 2003 with all latest updates).

2. Smart tags:
Please try to use Office Independent PIAs from the Add-in Express installation package. You can send me the project if you wish. I will try to help.

3. Word performance.
If the startup time of Word is a critical goal for you, I would suggest you to develop the add-in in Delphi. As you know, unmanaged add-ins work faster than managed ones.

4. Shared add-in.
Ryszard, of course you can try to create the add-in without Add-in Express. But you will face the same problems. Moreover, in our code we have already fixed most issues concerned Office bugs and latest updates.
As I mentioned, you can send me the project. I will test smart tags and the add-in performance.

P.S. Note that we take up your forum requests in the order we receive them.
Besides, it may take us some time to investigate your issue. Please be sure we will let you know as soon as the best possible solution is found.

Posted 01 Feb, 2007 20:13:57 Top