Powerpoint Events

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Powerpoint Events
basic question (I think) about working with powerpoint 
Jeremy P

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I'm new at this but...

I'm trying to build a powerpoint addin, and I'm having trouble with events.

I have the AddinModule with the AdxPowerPointEvents Component added.

I've successfully attached to the PresentationNewSlide event, but I'm having trouble using it. I'm not sure how to get the slide object in the event. The only parameters passed were a sender object and a hostObj object.

In the old way using interop services when attaching to the newslide event the slide would be passed as a parameter.

Thanks for any help
Posted 30 Jan, 2007 14:54:51 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Jeremy.

Please try the following code:

PowerPoint._Slide slide = hostObj as PowerPoint._Slide;
if (slide != null)

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Posted 31 Jan, 2007 13:14:30 Top