Transparency on toolbar buttons a bit off...

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Transparency on toolbar buttons a bit off...
Tyson Stolarski

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Im using 16x16 .png files for my toolbar buttons. I have the ImageTransparentColor property of all my buttons set to White. The transparency works fine for the image backgrounds. However, some of my images have "near-white" colors inside them. Now, I have made sure none of these are exactly white (255,255,255), however, they are still showing up as transparent? Does ADX (or Office) do some wierd approximation blend thing and make all colors close to the transparent color transparent???

Some colors that arn't even that close to white are showing up as transparent:
etc etc.

The only way to remove the transparency is to change all these near white colours to a more grey-ish color, and it just doesnt look good on some images. Or I could go and change all the white to some other color and then use that as the ImageTransparentColor property, but the same blending thing happens with all colors, so I'de have to find a color way off any colors used in the image.

Is this intended, a bug, or something wierd going on with my implementation???


Posted 24 Jan, 2007 22:05:56 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Tyson.

The Add-in Express code doesn't process "near-colors". It only works with the ImageTransparentColor color. I would suggest you to use 16x16x256 images with the Fuchsia color as a transparent color.

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Posted 25 Jan, 2007 06:59:22 Top