Parallels - Tried XP-SP2 + Outlook 2003 + ADX2.7 test on a MAC (OS-X)

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Parallels - Tried XP-SP2 + Outlook 2003 + ADX2.7 test on a MAC (OS-X)
ADX-2.7 test on a MAC (!) via Parallels + XP+Office... 
d henderson

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FYI: A curiosity test and observation...

On a Apple MAC with OS-X, we installed the Mac version of the 'Parallels' product which allows Win-XP (and many other OS's ) to run as a virtual machine on the MAC.

XP sp2 was installed along with Office 2003 + Outlook 2003 - no prob.
Next we tried installing a sample Outlook Add-In that I have developed with ADX 2.7 for Outlook. (This same Add-In is successfully running on a group of PC XP machines here already.)

When the Add-In install (.msi) is executed, the install seems to get almost to completion, then we get:

"ADX Loader Error - The DllUnregister function failed during execution (HRESULT=-2146232828)

And the installer quits.


Posted 11 Jan, 2007 14:00:35 Top
Esteban Astudillo


Hi d,

Interesting scenario. Did you try one of the solutions described in these posts?

I've had this problem before in Windows so I'm not too surprised you found it in this virtual environment.

Looking forward to know more about your results and thank you in advance for sharing them with the Forum

Posted 11 Jan, 2007 17:08:04 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Don.

It seems that some dependent assemblies are missed. The latest Add-in Express version generates a log file that helps to fix such problems. You can upgrade the product if you wish.
Posted 12 Jan, 2007 11:06:45 Top