UseForRibbon property in ADX CommandBars (ADX 2007)

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UseForRibbon property in ADX CommandBars (ADX 2007)
Ryan Farley


I just upgraded to ADX 2007 and noticed a new property in the ADXOlInspectorCommandBar and ADXOlExplorerCommandBar that I can't seem to find in the docs or anywhere.


I want to make sure I understand what this property means. I have an Outlook addin and Outlook 2007 on my machine. The addin has an Inspector commandbar with UseInRibbon=False. So, the command bar does not show up in the Outlook inspector window. If I change it to true, then it does show up in the generic "Addins" tab of the ribbon. With UseInRibbon set to true, will the addin also show up in pre Outlook 2007 inspector windows as well? (I don't have access currently to machines with office 2000/xp/2003 installed on them)
Posted 02 Jan, 2007 01:26:11 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Ryan.

Yes, the command bar will be visible in Outlook earlier than Outlook 2007.
The UseForRibbon property has effect in Office 2007 only.

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Posted 02 Jan, 2007 11:24:01 Top