Auto BCC installing in Terminal services

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Auto BCC installing in Terminal services 
Aaron Read

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I am trying to install auto bcc on our terminal server. I have sucessfully installed it and it works in the administrator account. When I try to add the addin to another users outlook i begin to get errors.

I logged onto the terminal as another user and tried to install the add-on through the options com-addd-ins and added the file
C:\Program Files\Add-in Express\AddIns\Auto BCC for Outlook\AutoBCC-Outlook.dll as a add-in.

It then gave me the following error
"auto bcc for outlook error the add in has fired an exception. I/O error 32"

If one user already has outlook open with the add-in installed this comes up every time that I open outlook and again when I close. It does not come up if no one that has the addin installed has outlook open and then I open outlook. I have given all users full security permissions to C:\Program Files\Add-in Express\AddIns\Auto BCC for Outlook\. I am not sure if I am installing it correctly can you please advise me on this issue.

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