Mail Inspector Activation Issue

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Mail Inspector Activation Issue
Subject does not "refresh" after being rebuilt in modal form 
Jim Erwin

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In the Outlook add-in I'm currently working on, if an e-mail inspector is activated from the inbox folder, and there is a certain user property not set, and the e-mail subject does not show that it's currently associated with a company job (using a regular expression), and the e-mail did not come from an internal address for the company I'm working on this for, then the add-in pops a modal form that forces the user to either rebuild the subject and associate it with a job, or click a different button that designates the e-mail a "personal" e-mail.

I am handling this in an event handler for the Inspector_Activate event. Everything is working as expected except for one issue. When the subject is rewritten, and the MailItem's subject property is set to it, then I call MailItem.Save(). Once the MailItem is saved, the modified subject shows correctly in the Explorer and the public folder that the e-mail is copied to, but it still shows the original subject in the inspector that is popped up.

How can I get it to show the modified subject in the inspector?


Posted 08 Dec, 2006 13:40:27 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Jim.

Please download the following example:

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Posted 11 Dec, 2006 18:04:42 Top