Multi-sheet range references

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Multi-sheet range references
Does Excel support passing them to UDFs? 

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I am asking here about this kind of reference which is common for a handful of Excel built-ins:


Can such a "3D reference" be consumed in a UDF in Add-in Express? It seems supported at most by a handful of Excel built-ins, and my experience (read: experiments) with VBA and ExcelDNA suggests the answer is "no." VBA sees such a range as Variant/Error 2015, and ExcelDNA reports any such argument as ExcelError.

Can Add-in Express handle such input, or is it simply not possible?
Posted 03 Dec, 2021 22:09:43 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Hello Bob,

The Excel object model doesn't support such 3D references.

Regards from Poland (CET),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 06 Dec, 2021 10:12:38 Top