Add-In not displayed in the "COM Add-Ins..." dialog.

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Add-In not displayed in the "COM Add-Ins..." dialog.
Tyson Stolarski

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Originally I thought it was just the way Add-In express was implemented, but after reading the sticky at the top I am under the impression that my add in should be visible in the COM Add-In dialog box.
It works perfectly - the toolbar appears fine and all the buttons work great, there are no exceptions on load or shutdown etc, however I cant seem to work out how to make it appear in the COM Add-In dialog???

EDIT: Sorry, cant delete posts - I found the solution a few pages down. Cheers.

For anyone else intrested:
Posted 01 Dec, 2006 04:23:50 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Tyson.

No problem. Thank you for the question.
Posted 01 Dec, 2006 08:17:12 Top