Activating the Add-in

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Activating the Add-in


I just installed the latest version of the .NET version. When I try to create a project I recieve an error message saying "Add-in Express library is not activated." How do I activate it. I am a registed user.

Chris Moses
Posted 24 Nov, 2004 02:55:48 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Chris,

Did you pass the activation during installation of Add-in Express .NET?
Posted 24 Nov, 2004 05:08:31 Top


Hmmm...not sure what was going on. I rebuilt the machine and downloaded a new copy and it worked fine.
Posted 24 Nov, 2004 13:05:18 Top
Eugene Starostin



Should we continue our research or the problem is solved?
Posted 24 Nov, 2004 13:27:14 Top