Task Issue on Excel when Task pane is close and went to File and come back tape visible

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Task Issue on Excel when Task pane is close and went to File and come back tape visible

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I am having a situation only for excel, where I have close task pane , but when I click on first option on ribbon File it goes to option where you choose new excel open etc .... but without doing anything just click back button task pane get visible, couldn't find from where it get visible, none of my code fired I have put up debug point to check.

I then try investigating same on sample provided for task pane visibility same is there also, my application works on excel powerpoint and word it works fine on powerpoint and word, only problem with word. how I can fix that.

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Andrei Smolin

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Hello Vinay,

The implementation of Add-in Express panes is the same in these cases but the windowing of these applications is different and this is why you see this effect in Excel. I should warn you that if any of these applications recreates (or shows/hides) their windows for some reason, you'll see the same effect in all of them.

To work about this, you should introduce a Boolean flag that you set in the ADXCloseButtonClick event. You check the flag in the ADXBeforeFormShow event: if the flag is set, you set {the pane class}.Visible = false.

Again, this code should be used in all applications. Consider an Office update that changes the windowing of PowerPoint or Word. Without the code above, you'll see this issue after such an update is installed.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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