ADX Loader error -2146232828

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ADX Loader error -2146232828
ADX Loader failes with error -2146232828 after adding new project 
Stig Nielsson

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Joined: 2006-11-13

I am creating an Outlook add-in in Visual Studio 2005, and everything worked fine, until I added a new logging project (NSpring).

After I have added the logging project, I get an ADX Loader Error saying that the laoder is trying to run my add in, but fails with a HRESULT = -2146232828

What does this error code mean ?

Best regards

Posted 13 Nov, 2006 16:24:47 Top
Stig Nielsson

Posts: 31
Joined: 2006-11-13
Hi again

I just found the error. The reason was that I had the following line in hte AssemblyInfo.cs file of the new project:

[assembly: ComVisibleAttribute(false)]

changing this to:

[assembly: ComVisibleAttribute(true)]

solved the loader problem.

Posted 13 Nov, 2006 17:21:32 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Stig.

Thank you for the information. The 'ComVisible' attribute should always be set to true for COM add-ins.
Posted 14 Nov, 2006 06:23:09 Top