Virus alert when creating installer

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Virus alert when creating installer
Simon Hopwood

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Joined: 2019-03-05
Our clients have been having issues installing our software recently as their antivirus software was preventing them... After multiple tests and installing the latest Add-in express software, I still can't resolve this issue.

The generated MSI executable is flagged as having a virus by multiple scanners.

Do you know about this issue, and do you know how to resolve it? As this is an urgent matter!

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Posted 02 Aug, 2019 13:48:06 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Simon,

As far as I understand, the mailcheck.exe executable in the screenshot is the downloader/bootstrapper of your ClickTwice installation, correct? If so, most probably it is a new false positive occurrence from BitDefender. You can submit the false positive sample for their investigation using the link below:

BitDefender provides its AV database to many AV vendors, so after their update you will have -8 detection.

We will contact BitDefender as well, hope they will fix this quickly.
Posted 05 Aug, 2019 04:59:57 Top