ClickTwice Update doesn't update adxloader*.* files

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ClickTwice Update doesn't update adxloader*.* files

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When I perform an initial installation with the web-based installer, the add-in works just fine. If i perform a check for update, and then try to update using the web-based installer, all the updated files are installed except for adxloader.dll, adxloader64.dll and adxloader.dll.manifest. These remain as the previously installed versions and resulting in a "Hash verification failed" in the adxloader.log file.

I close MS Project before the installation takes place, so why are these files not being replaced on the update?

Thank you!

Posted 25 Apr, 2019 15:34:19 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Did you add adxloader(64).dll and adxloader.dll.manifest files to the msi project from the Loader subfolder of your project? Please check it.
Posted 27 Apr, 2019 03:42:57 Top