Auto update stops after exception

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Auto update stops after exception

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I've noticed in my updater.log that once the updater has encountered an exception (in my case it was Verification failed: The signature of the 'version_info.xml' file is not valid. since I touched the published the version_info.xml momentarily before publishing a new version) it stops running/checking for updates (not sure if the process actually die or if it just stop).
Is this by design? I hope not as it is counter intuitive to the purpose of the updater.
Using ADX 8.7.4425
Posted 28 Mar, 2019 13:40:36 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Nir,

In this case the updates stops checking for updates. It will check for new version next time after the host application restart.
Posted 29 Mar, 2019 04:25:05 Top