ADXOlForm flickers/disappears and reappears in OL2016/2019

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ADXOlForm flickers/disappears and reappears in OL2016/2019
changing mail folders or view causes bad artifacts 

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We are re-testing our current ADX-based project in Outlook 2016 and 2019. We have an Outlook Explorer Form that displays our software's information.

When testing on OL2016/19, we notice very bad flickering when the user changes mail folders and Explorer "re-draws". Basically, it looks like our form is quickly removed, the target folder's details are drawn, and our form is replaced. When it happens on a "fast" computer it looks more like a flicker. But even then, if you look closely, you can see that our form is basically removed and replaced in some kind of order during the change of Explorer details.

We are using the latest version: 9.2.4635 with C#/.Net 4.6.1. We noticed that a similar scenario with the "ADXOlForm placed in the WebViewPane region is flickering when switching between folders" is a known issue. Could this be the same issue? (I do not believe this qualifies as a WebViewPane.)

Please let me know what additional details I can provide to help troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you,
Posted 27 Mar, 2019 12:10:09 Top
Alexander Solomenko

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Yes, there is such an artifact. In which region is your form located? If in the Reading pane area, then we can try to do something. But if it is in the Outlook grid, then regrettably we are powerless because when switching between folders, Outlook deletes and re-creates the window on which the Outlook grid is located and adds animation to it. We have to react to this, therefore we hide and then show our forms. The only way to remove this flickering is to temporarily create a layered window with a picture of Outlook Explorer and place it on top of Explorer or Outlook grid while Folder Switch occurs. This won't eliminate these artifacts, but hide them from the user.
Aleksandr Solomenko
Posted 28 Mar, 2019 03:59:20 Top

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We are located in the Outlook grid (unfortunately).

I appreciate your quick reply and the details about what you have already found to be the cause.

Hopefully there will be a good workaround or fix someday.

Posted 28 Mar, 2019 07:06:06 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

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Hello Aaron,

Thank you for your feedback.
Posted 28 Mar, 2019 10:24:35 Top