Help with ADXOlBarShortcut object

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Help with ADXOlBarShortcut object
Martin Mizzell



I am trying to setup a couple of static shortcut groups in Outlook and could use a little assistance.

1) The IconFileName property : This doesnt appear to be a FaceID, so would i just place an ico file in the same folder as the addin to make it work?

2) The target property : I want to make the target point to a MAPI folder. Do i just set this equal to the MAPI folder object?

Posted 31 Oct, 2006 14:26:29 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Martin.

1. Yes, correct. You need to use the full path of the icon file in the IconFileName property.
2. Yes, you can use the MAPI folder object or you can also set this property to the full name of the Outlook folder.
E.g. 'Personal Folders\Inbox'.
Posted 01 Nov, 2006 07:55:31 Top