Saving configuration settings

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Saving configuration settings
With C# Outlook Add-In 


Until I can post under my real account I'll use this.

I would like to know if here is a standard way to store configuration settings for an Outlook add-in? If using Visual Studio 2005, can I use the System.Configuration classes? If so, where will they be stored?

Posted 13 Nov, 2004 14:25:18 Top
Sven Heitmann

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AFAIK there is no builtin support for writing values to a config file, however there is suppport for reading configuration data.

Unfortuately this is only working with Application (exe) Files.

You have to program your own System or search for a 3rd-Party Library.

Some Basic implementation is when You create a Class that holds your Settings and you Serialize/Deserialize it to a File.

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Sven Heitmann
Posted 15 Nov, 2004 03:55:06 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Hi Julia,

ADX provides you with the Outlook Property Page Wizard that allows you to add your settings to the addin. You can place any .NET visual controls on this page and save your settings either in the registery or in a file.
Posted 15 Nov, 2004 05:14:50 Top
Jilia Case


I guess my best bet is try and use the Application Configuration Management Code Block from Microsoft and put my esttings in there.

my configuration is a little more complicated than serializing a class will work with.

Posted 15 Nov, 2004 19:56:35 Top