Outlook XP - Accessing Outlook's contacts

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Outlook XP - Accessing Outlook's contacts
Window asking for permission in accessing contacts 
Matteo Pasqualin

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Joined: 2006-08-04
Hi Sergey,

I developed an SMS toolbar for Outlook with your add-in-express.
The toolbar works good except with Outlook XP. Every time that the toolbar try to have access to the Outlook's contacts appears a window asking for the permission and the number of minutes (1 to 15 minutes).

This problem is very serious, our customers won't accept a toolbar like this.

How can I solve this problem.
How can I avoid this appearing Outlook window and, if possible, how to avoid it via code?

Thank you.
Kind regards.

Matteo Pasqualin
Posted 19 Oct, 2006 05:22:01 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Matteo.

I would advise you to use our Outlook Security Manager product to disable the security warnings.
Please look at this: http://www.add-in-express.com/outlook-security/
Do you get the same dialog in Outlook XP?
Posted 19 Oct, 2006 12:07:04 Top
Matteo Pasqualin

Posts: 27
Joined: 2006-08-04
Hi Sergey,

the problem is only with Outlook XP.
I don't feel comfortable to buy another component
to make work something that was supposed to work
with what i already bought from you guys.

Thank you
Matteo Pasqualin
Posted 20 Oct, 2006 04:04:05 Top
Andrei Smolin

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I'm responsible for the site contents and I do know that we never promised that ADX.NET would help you to turn off Outlook Security warnings. Am I wrong?

PS. I'm answering Stefano Dallago right now.
Posted 20 Oct, 2006 05:50:44 Top
Matteo Pasqualin

Posts: 27
Joined: 2006-08-04
OK, thanx
Posted 20 Oct, 2006 06:18:28 Top