Adding a single ribbon tab to two or menus

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Adding a single ribbon tab to two or menus
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So I've actually already solved the issue I was encountering here but wanted to post to help out others that might come across this.

When starting to work on this problem I had just the one ribbon tab that I wanted to appear on both Outlook's TabMail and TabCalendar. Sadly it's not possible to use one ribbon tab to get this effect, you must have two tabs, one with an IdMso of TabMail and one TabCalendar. To get around this I thought I would just copy/paste the ribbon tab to get the two duplicate tabs I needed. At this point if you run your code you will have not one or two ribbons, but zero! What's going on is when you copy/paste the tab it creates new objects for all the children of the tab and copies the property values from the object you copied from including the ID. Change the ID values of the new tab children, add event handlers back (which for some reason don't get copied), and now you should have two working tabs.
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Andrei Smolin

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Thank you! To identify this and other issues with the Ribbon, we suggest that you select the Show Add-in User Interface Errors flag; see e.g.

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