ADX VSTO Deployment Notes?

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ADX VSTO Deployment Notes?
Rick Koch

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Joined: 2006-09-05
Are there any notes for deploying the (VSTO product) assembly with an add-in? I'm trying to launch my Outlook add-in on two workstations. I see the toolbar for a second, then it goes away. The COM addins control says it's been disabled because of a loader exception. One of the machines is logging an Evt 0: "Unable to open shim database version registry key" CLR error.

My installer registers the AddinExpress.VSTO.dll with CASPOL -- (Strong Name Key only, no filename, no version, Fulltrust). Those settings have worked in the past with other assemblies.
Posted 05 Oct, 2006 17:55:16 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Rick.

You can find two links devoted to deployment of VSTO solutions in the 'VSTO solution deployment' chapter of our documentation.
There is no need to register the AddinExpress.VSTO.dll assembly.
It is enough to place it in the GAC via installer. Please look at our examples. They all have the setup project.
Posted 06 Oct, 2006 07:28:04 Top