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Logs in Outlook add- in
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I tried adding personal logs to my Outlook add in code to know at what point it crashes if it does. But whenever I add logs, my Outlook goes to the 'not responding' mode. Similar was the case when I added logs to the Word add in I created. Is there a way to do this the right way?
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Not sure if I got you right but log4net is surely not a bad choice. Aunt Google will find tons of log4net tutorials to help get you started and if logging speed is mission critical you can extend log4net with asynchronous logging.
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Andrei Smolin

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Hello guys,

If you use log4net, make sure that you initialize it in an event of the add-in module, not in the module's constructor. Depending on the Office application, its version, and the way you start it, the very first event is either AddinInitialize or OnRibbonBeforeCreate; see events of the add-in module.

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Andrei Smolin
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