Preventing Word add-in running when Outlook starts

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Preventing Word add-in running when Outlook starts
Julian Baker

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Joined: 2006-09-27
I have developed a Word addin but I need to stop it running when Outlook starts up. This happens because Word is the default email editior in Outlook.

I have seen some previous posts on this subject which point to the file:

This appears to have resolved the problem for others in the past but the file no longer seems to be present.

Please could someone either tell me how to prevent the addin running or let me know where I can find this file?

Many thanks
Julian Baker
Posted 27 Sep, 2006 05:37:05 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Julian.

Please use the link below to download the example:
Posted 27 Sep, 2006 12:10:15 Top