adxloader.log says "Hash verification failed"

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adxloader.log says "Hash verification failed"
Excel Addin wont load 

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I have a very simple Addin Excel Project. I have all code commented out, so nothing custom is loading and the project builds without error.

However, in the registry my addin keeps resetting from 3 to 2 for LoadBehavior. I checked the adxloader.log file and it says "Hash verification failed".

Below I attached my adxloader.dll.manifest file. The problem I think started when I signed using "Signing Options". I do not have a version in source control because this is a new project I spent the day working on.

Below are the samples of the files. I have tried registering/unregistering multiple times with no success. I also tried removing the "Signing Option" and reregister and still no good.

Pleas help, thank you.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<assemblyIdentity name="K1.PlugIn.Excel, PublicKeyToken=7d1dbecfa86607fd" imageRuntimeVersion="v4.0.30319" hash="368DF3F6ADEC3CC12F1D87AD32CC3017" id="K1.PlugIn.Excel" />
<loaderSettings generateLogFile="true" shadowCopyEnabled="false" privileges="user" minOfficeVersionSupported="15" />
<Signature xmlns="">
<CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm="" />
<SignatureMethod Algorithm="" />
<Reference URI="#K1.PlugIn.Excel">
<Transform Algorithm="" />
<DigestMethod Algorithm="" />

21:43:54:750 3204 19984 The configuration has been loaded successfully.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Runtime version: v4.0.30319.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Assembly name: K1.PlugIn.Excel, PublicKeyToken=7D1DBECFA86607FD.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Class name: K1_PlugIn_Excel.AddinModule.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Registry key: CLSID\{EF6BBE09-9E31-4586-83FB-E69C149DCD1D}.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Attempting to create a new instance of the managed add-in class: CLR - v4.0.30319
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Loading CLR: v4.0.30319.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Calling CLRCreateInstance method.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Success.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Calling GetRuntime method.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Success.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Checking if the hosting API of .NET Framework v4.0 beta is installed.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 The hosting API is up to date.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Calling GetInterface method for the CorRuntimeHost interface.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Success.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Starting CLR...
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Success.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 Getting the CLR version.
21:43:54:750 3204 19984 The CLR v4.0.30319 has been initialized successfully.
21:43:54:818 3204 19984 Hash verification failed
Posted 06 Mar, 2017 22:06:49 Top
Andrei Smolin

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Does building the project produce any warning?

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
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Posted 07 Mar, 2017 02:00:00 Top

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No, no warnings or errors.
Posted 07 Mar, 2017 07:38:06 Top

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Ok, it turns out I had my warnings disabled, I was looking at the build output which said no error. It turns out it looks like the manifest file in the bin directory was set to read-only because of our source control. This looks like it very well might be the cause of the problem, I will continue to trouble shoot and let you know.

Posted 07 Mar, 2017 09:14:38 Top
Sergey Grischenko

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Thank you for letting us know.
Posted 07 Mar, 2017 09:35:25 Top