Cache mode for inspector ADXOlForm

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Cache mode for inspector ADXOlForm

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Is it possible for you to implement this similarly to the Explorer variance?
I understand there's a difference between Explorer and Inspector, but if we could cache the form instantiation every time a new inspector opens up, that would probably increase performance and reduce add-ins footprints.
Since the Explorer property supports various caching strategies (NewInstanceForEachFolder, OneINstanceForAllFolders, None) each developer can pick their own strategy for the inspector so that the current behavior doesn't break.
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Andrei Smolin

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Hello Nir,

OneInstanceForAllFolders works because you can't open two or more folders in a given Explorer. OneInstanceForAllFolders can't work in several explorers. This is the case with inspectors.

I suggest that you move all controls and logic from your form to a UserControl. To speed up the things, you can pre-create a number of UserControl instances and took them from the pool when required.

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Andrei Smolin
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