Loosing Click Events in MS Outlook for Toolstrip control

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Loosing Click Events in MS Outlook for Toolstrip control
New Toolstrip Control from .NET 2.0 looses ability to receive click 
Thomas Becker

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We have written an Outlook Add-in that uses the TooStrip control along with a listbox.
We have put the Toolstrip into a UserControl as we did for the Listbox. There are also other UserControls that reassamble to yet a big UC that is fullsize docked inside an ADX form
The Stack is

- UC1
- UC11
- ListBox
- Toolstrip
-ToolStripLabel (<- wants to be clicked)

As long as no other user-control ever had focus, the UC that hosts Toolstrip, or to be more precise, the ToolStrip control (labels) receive Click Events from the mouse. As soon as any other UC was focused, toolstrip gets mouse enter and leave but no click, mouse down or any other. neither does the UC itself or the top leven UC hosted in ADX form.

we apologize for not being ablt to upload sample code but we worked all night on this as this is project cirtical to be solved.
thanks in advance
Posted 27 Sep, 2006 01:53:19 Top
Fedor Shihantsov


Thanks Thomas,
We've reproduced this issue and will fix it ASAP.
Posted 27 Sep, 2006 11:19:31 Top