Program Compatibility Assistant Error When Uninstalling

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Program Compatibility Assistant Error When Uninstalling
Program Compatibility Assistant Error When Uninstalling 
Mark Borton

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An error dialog was received today when uninstalling a clickonce deployed, ADX add-in. The uninstall was instantiated by selecting the add-in related program from Windows programs/features and selecting "Uninstall". After some time, an error dialog was generated with a title of "Program Compatibility Assistant" and the following text:

The program might not have uninstalled correctly.

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If this program didn't uninstall correctly, you can try uninstalling the program using compatibility settings.

<Button> Uninstall using using compatibility settings
<Button> This program uninstalled correctly
<Button> Close

Any ideas what may have caused this problem?

Here is some environment info:

Visual Studio 2015
ADX Version: 8.1.4350
Windows 10
Outlook 2010

Posted 03 Jan, 2017 14:16:01 Top
Dmitry Kostochko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Mark,

We noticed this dialog even in Windows 7, sometimes it appears and sometimes everything works fine. Did you see the "The <PRODUCT_NAME> unregistration succeeded" dialog before "Program Compatibility Assistant" appeared? Was the uninstallation completed?

Also, please try to create a simple Windows Forms Application and deploy it by using ClickOnce (with the same settings as in your add-in deployment package such as .NET Framework, prerequisites, bootstrapper, etc.) on that machine. Do you get the same result in this case?

BTW, if you can send us a link to your installation package we can test it on our machines.
Posted 04 Jan, 2017 06:03:40 Top