Outlook XP (2002) - CommandBar not showing

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Outlook XP (2002) - CommandBar not showing
An adxOlExplorerCommandBar is not showing (the same for Inspector Bar or Menu) 
Emmanuel SELLIER

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I have an Outlook addon being developed in TIA (from Outlook XP to Outlook 2016).
Everything is fine in 2016,2013 with the customization of the Home Ribbon (built-in).
I've started adaptation to Outlook XP (2002), that means adding a commandbar or menu.

1/ Addin is correctly registered and loaded in Outlook XP
2/ Addin is initializd (MessageBox in initialize event handler)

But... the commandbar (also tried with a menu) is not shown, neither in Outlook 2016 (Win10).
I tried with a new addin, mixing ribbon and adxOlExplorerCommandBar... and everything is ok.
The command bar has a simple button (adxCommandBarButton)

A hint? Something I should check?
Something I have to do because I also have a Ribbon?

Here is what does the IntializeComponent
// adxOlExplorerCommandBar1
resources.ApplyResources(this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1, "adxOlExplorerCommandBar1");
this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1.CommandBarTag = "98ed7f04-2f83-44ae-b0cd-003701799db8";
this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1.Left = 0; // I also tried with default value -1
this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1.RowIndex = 0;
this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1.Top = 0;
this.adxOlExplorerCommandBar1.UpdateCounter = 8;
// adxCommandBarButton1
this.adxCommandBarButton1.BeginGroup = true;
resources.ApplyResources(this.adxCommandBarButton1, "adxCommandBarButton1");
this.adxCommandBarButton1.ControlTag = "8de1fa0d-1022-4099-9112-fcd835be6b95";
this.adxCommandBarButton1.ImageTransparentColor = System.Drawing.Color.Transparent;
this.adxCommandBarButton1.Temporary = true;
this.adxCommandBarButton1.UpdateCounter = 3;
this.adxCommandBarButton1.Click += new AddinExpress.MSO.ADXClick_EventHandler(this.adxCommandBarButton1_Click);

Thanks !
Posted 23 Nov, 2016 19:05:52 Top
Emmanuel SELLIER

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I checked also in Outlook 2007 (Office12), same result... no CommandBar in Outlook explorer.
FYI, I also used Outlook Spy to check CommandBars. Mine is not seen by Outlook Spy.

Here are the properties of the adxOlExplorerCommandBar object at runtime :
User added an image

Posted 24 Nov, 2016 04:48:38 Top
Emmanuel SELLIER

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After further investigation... and comparison between my project and a new simple project (from scratch).
The difference and origin of the problem is Localization.

In my project Addin properties the Localizable property was set to True
The code generated by the Designer adds an ApplyResources call when initializing components.

In my simple and working other project, the Localizable property was False. And the designer affects a name to the CommandBarName property. And the command bar will appear in Outlook.

The adxOlExplorerCommandBar appeared in my project, when I switch Localizable to False.

Is there a bug somewhere or I did something wrong with localization?

Posted 24 Nov, 2016 05:37:17 Top
Andrei Smolin

Add-in Express team

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Hello Emmanuel,

Set a non-empty string to the CommandBarName property and check if this helps.

Regards from Belarus (GMT+3),

Andrei Smolin
Add-in Express Team Leader
Posted 24 Nov, 2016 06:34:20 Top