Missing Enumerator?

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Missing Enumerator?
I can't find the msoTextOrientation enumeration 
Tim Beck


I want to call the Shapes.AddTextbox() method (Add-in Express .NET, Excel).

This method requires the first parameter to be of type msoTextOrientation, of which I want to use msoTextOrientationHorizontal. I can't find it anywhere - including in AddinExpress.MSO.

The object browse gives the definition of the parameter as:
Office.MsoTextOrientation Orientation.

Can anyone help?


Posted 21 Sep, 2006 17:20:15 Top
Sergey Grischenko

Add-in Express team

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Hi Tim.

The Office.MsoTextOrientation type is defined in the Office.dll assembly that should be included in the add-in project. Please look at the References section of the project.
Posted 22 Sep, 2006 09:09:25 Top